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I Wanted to Feel Good Again

I learned something when I first started looking for a chiropractor in Redding. I was doing this online because I just did not have time to contact each chiropractic center and ask questions to determine if they were the right one for me. I looked up all the local ones to me, and I went to their individual websites to see if I could find the one I wanted this way. When I saw Shasta Spine Specialists, I knew they were the ones for me. What I learned came from this site too.

Most kids fall down quite a few times before they learn to keep their balance. Even after they learn about balance, some kids and teens still take a tumble now and again. I had no idea that even though you no longer feel anything associated with any of those falls, your body is still affected by them. That is the main reason I wanted to go to this particular chiropractor, because I believe knowledge is powerful, and I was happy to see that this chiropractor hands out knowledge to all of their patients.

The entire reason I was going to see a chiropractor in the first place is because of an old work injury that started to flare up again. It is kind of ironic that I did not make the connection between former injuries and current conditions of the body because this was another prime example of just that. I made an appointment, went in, filled out my medical history, was examined and X-rayed, and I started my first treatment that same day. That is pretty efficient if you ask me! I am used to having to wait for days for results to come back before treatment can begin. It not only began that same day, but I could feel a difference in it too. I cannot wait to see how I feel in just a few weeks!