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My Mom Fell on Gravel and Had a Backache Longer Than a Month

My mom skipped on some gravel getting out of her car on a steep hill. There are plenty of those in the San Francisco area. I have always wondered why people built on hills like that. Were they part mountain goat? Anyway, I told her to go see my San Francisco chiropractor that I used to go to when I lived there. I got a lot of relief for the things I would do to my back with the extreme sports I like. Yes, I beat myself up being adventurous, but my chiropractor kept me in the game. I needed to be strong to avoid injury that would end up sending me to the ER. My mom, on the other hand, is small and thin. She was no match for the pavement she hit when she slid on the gravel. I would have got up, dusted myself off and went on with my day.

Mom was banged up pretty bad. She did go to the ER. She did not have any broken bones, but they said she really sprained her back. She was laid up for a month and still in pain. I talked her into going to the chiropractor. Her bruises and scratches were all healed up, but she still had a backache that knocked her out of commission. She could not do anything she enjoyed such as gardening and taking long walks with my dad.

The chiropractor helped her get pain relief on the first visit. She was raving to me about how good she felt after her treatment. She said she was working outside on her rose garden. I told her to take it easy, because it might wear off so to speak. I told her she needed to strengthen her back muscles by doing what the chiropractor told her. I told her to go back for the complete treatment plan to feel at or as close to 100 percent again that she could get.